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Mastodon, is a federated Twitter alternative built on community. Due to it not really being ''Twitter'' and it being complex and confusing at the time, many people expected it to fail like other fad social networks. However, with Tumblr banning NSFW art, Twitter banning loli, and Google Plus dying, Mastodon has attracted lots of people and now has millions of users.

From what I can tell, a lot of artists are using Mastodon to connect with their clients and interact with them, similar to how they did for Tumblr. What attracts people to Mastodon is that people from all instances CAN follow you and see your posts. Not only that, but since it's federated, that makes it less likely to censorship than any other platforms in history.

From following accounts and interacting with users, it seems to be like a hybrid of Tumblr/Twitter in many regards, with the federated part being the only steep learning curve. This may appeal to lots of people since people don't really want to relearn a whole new network like Pillowfort, especially if it's still in beta and doesn't allow loli for instance.

Recently, I've seen lots of artists and NSFW niche communities start their home on Mastodon, but not many fandom artists. What I want to know is, how many Newgrounds artists use Mastodon to connect with people? Does anyone think Mastodon could be the next Tumblr and fill the whole Tumblr lost? I personally, think it very well could. The communication and the use feels very similar to how I use Tumblr to find NSFW artists and communicate with people. But, that's just me. What do you think?


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