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Beware NSFW artists who use Twitter

Posted by ArtsyCosmicDreamer - January 12th, 2019

Ok, this isn't a post to make people feel bad for using Twitter. After all, I like it and it can be a great platform for NSFW art.



And a big BUT.


I highly reccomend updating your art frequently to Newgrounds and Sharesome and not putting all of your eggs in one twitter basket.

With the horrifc FOSTA/SEFTA act coming in, it's going to be a dark day for NSFW content creators. I think artists will still have a chance, since there aren't that many cases of kids being groomed with art porn compared to actual porn, but the law is going to fuck lots of content creators in the ass.

With this law, adult creators will find Pornhub and Sharesome as there only platforms, and artists may be screwed as I fear Twitter may enter a Tumblr like situation where they ban porn. And, it may actually work. Let's all be honest, not many actually use Twitter for porn, compared to the high amounts of people who used Tumblr for porn.

Do I think the FOSTA act will kill NSFW content? No. If people still made porn in the 90s under 8 gigabyte internet, and if content creators still survived over the copyright purge that happened on YT a few years back, I'm sure NSFW content creators will survive.

My reccomendation is to post both on NG and Twitter frequently. And if Twitter ever dies, move to Pillowfort.

Comments (1)

Whoever wrote FOSTA/SEFTA clearly doesn't understand how the Internet works. By using the digital equivalent of a sledgehammer instead of a scalpel, all they're doing is making things worse for the good guys while the bad guys slip away elsewhere to do their dirty deeds. This shouldn't be surprising when many lawmakers were born long before the World Wide Web and many still don't understand it.

Agreed. I think the best example of FOSTA in action is ''Imagine you're at a Target, at some monster molests a five year old. You call a police, and instead of the criminal being arrested, it's the store itself, and they're shut down.''

I'm obviously not against old people, but they should not run the Government, at all. They won't understand technology, and probably never will. Get some young blood in there, please. Hell, even someone in their 50s and 60s are fine because at least they were in their 20s and 30s when the Internet first launched. What the hell were these old geezers doing? They were probably already were middle aged and didn't care to understand it, and probably don't care now.

I find it ironic that we as a society understand old people get senile and say stupid shit (Like how a lot of old people are homophobic because of the decade they were born it) but somehow, it's perfectly smart to put these same people in Office? Trump is nearing his 70s, but at least he acts some what young, and clearly knows how to use internet services like Twitter (Even if 90 percent of it is straight up OG baiting and trolling).

When Trump is the closest we have to old people in office who know how to use the Internet, you know we're fucked.